Inspiration Strikes

by Brianna Bevan on July 12, 2011

We’re often asked, “How do you come up with the ideas for your posters?” To simplify, we generally say “It just came to us.” In truth, our inspiration comes from a lot of sources – but usually, we’re just trying to make each other laugh.

For now, we’ll go in depth on the inspiration for a poster that gets a lot of questions: David Dondero - monkey poster David Dondero

For concert posters, generally the first step is for us to listen to the headlining band/artist’s music. Sometimes we doodle while we listen, sometimes we write down lines, but always we talk about how the music makes us feel. David Dondero is a master of interesting references, and one line in particular grabbed us. The song “Wherever You Go” starts off with the line “Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey, big belt buckle under a beer belly…”

How could you not respond to that!?

This became our jumping off point. In this case we stuck fairly close to our original idea. This isn’t always the case and we’ll document that on another poster in the future.

This poster had the added help of a little stuffed animal from Japan who lives in our dining room. We pass him every day, not usually noticing his ever present adorableness/creepiness. He unwittingly became our model for the cowboy monkey.

Evil Monkey

Sorry if he ends up starring in your nightmares from now on.

While working on sketches of monkeys, we did a little bit of research into who exactly this Whiplash fellow is. Turns out, he’s a real monkey that rides dogs and herds sheep. Now, the gears started turning – what could be funnier than a monkey trying to control a dog? Why, a monkey trying to control a raging bull of course!

We drew some more – giggling about the monkey on the dog. The monkey came to life; then, the bull took shape; finally, the ominous dust clouds rose from the paper

And a poster was born.

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