Perpetual Record Calendar

by Brianna Bevan on June 15, 2011

Perpetual Record Calendar


The perfect home decor for serious audiophiles, this circular calendar is screenprinted in white on two vintage records. A 7" record is the dial for the months and a 12" record is the dial for the days. They are mounted on a wooden plaque by a bolt and wing nut and separated by rubber washers so they move easily when spun.

The records used for this calendar were from random piles of vinyl. You will not receive the actual records shown in the pictures above. These pictures are merely an example of the calendar you will receive.

This item will ship disassembled to protect its parts. It is very simple to assemble, and instructions will be provided.

Because of the weight of this item, shipping costs can vary greatly based on postal zone. If actual shipping is more than $1 less than we've charged you, we'll refund the difference.

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