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by Brianna Bevan on October 13, 2011

Jay and I recently split up to cover two shows – The Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach and Crafty Bastards in Washington, DC. A lot of planning, packing and driving went into making it go fairly smoothly but of course Mother Nature decided to throw us some curve balls.

We set up for The Neptune Show on Friday and while I manned the tent, Jay went to DC in preparation for Crafty Bastards the next day. It was sunny and in the mid-70s all afternoon but that evening a cold front came through. It brought chilly temps, rain, and wind. Thankfully, I arrived on Saturday to find the tent was still standing. Some others were not so lucky, but the great volunteers at Neptune put everything back together as best they could before the vendors arrived for the day.

Happy Clouds!

Rainy Saturday Night!















On Saturday, while I had a cloudy, cold day, Jay was setting up for Crafty Bastards during a constant light drizzle (with periods of heavier rain). He managed to get everything up and keep most things dry (except himself). Thankfully, DC is full of awesome people that don’t let a little rain stop them from enjoying an outdoor festival. Thanks to everyone that kept him busy, fed, and in good spirits. He even got his photo snapped by BrightestYoungThings (scroll down to see a shot of our recycled t-shirt rug)!

Saturday evening brought more rain back to VA Beach about 45 minutes before the show was scheduled to close for the evening. This sent everyone scattering from the boardwalk including most of the vendors. I, on the other hand, needed to wait around for a break in the storm so I could get the prints out of there for the evening. In the shot above you can see the edge of the tent as I poked my head out to document the storm.

Sunday brought us back together in Virginia Beach for an even colder, windy day. All in all, it was a great weekend filled with lots of new people and tons of driving. We ended up getting home around 2 in the morning on Monday and then slept for quite a long time.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of our panda print series (which will be up whenever I get around to taking good photos).

Hello Pandas!

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