Art Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Please submit via email an Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign file in CS4 version or earlier. We can also accept PDF files in some instances. If you only have a PDF of your image, we will contact you after receiving the file if there are any issues.
  • Please DO NOT submit your image in Microsoft Word, Pagemaker, Quark, or Paint. If you are in doubt, ask about your specific file type and we will let you know if we can use it.
  • Please trap your file according to how you want it to print. If you are unsure what trapping is or how to do it, we are happy to explain.
  • If your shirt requires an underbase, please include this in the file. If you are unsure, contact us.
  • If there is a halftone required specify this in the file as well.
  • The following are our recommendations for font and line size. Because each font is different, please consult us about printing recommendations for the specific font you are using.
    • The smallest font sizes possible for a printed font is 8pt for a standard, san-serif font.
    • The smallest font sizes possible for a knockout (this is printing the area around the text) font is 8pt for a standard, san-serif font.
    • The smallest line sizes possible for a printed line is 1/2pt.
    • The smallest line sizes possible for a knockout line is 1pt.

Vector Art Guidelines

  • There is no need for you to create color separations.
  • Please create artwork at the size that you would like it to print. If the art work is to be printed at multiple sizes, please make sure that it is at the larger size.
  • Please convert all fonts to outlines.
  • All colors should be spot colors.
  • Please embed all placed images
  • Any embedded raster images should meet our raster image requirements below.

Raster Art Guidelines

  • Acceptable file formats for raster images are Photoshop files, tifs, and pngs.
  • Please DO NOT submit jpgs or gifs.
  • Files should be 300dpi at 100% size to be printed.
  • If using a Photoshop file or layered tif, please use a different layer for each color.