What is screen printing?
Screen printing, also known as silk screening or seriography, is a printing technique that involves passing ink through a stencil that has been applied to a woven mesh.
Check out the wikipedia article for more information and some informative photos.

Now that I know that, who/what is Itty Bitty Press?
Itty Bitty Press is a husband (Jay) and wife (Bri) team of designers and screen printers from Richmond, Virginia. Jay has worked in small print shops in prepress and design. Bri is a graduate of the VCU School of arts with a degree in Interior Design.
We formed Itty Bitty Press in October of 2009 after Jay lost his corporate job and went on a search for a more fulfilling life. After a year of running the business mostly on his own, Bri quit her day job to come help.
To learn more about Itty Bitty Press, check out our Bio.

I want to have something printed, what’s the first step?
First, check out our quote request pages – shirts and paper! We’ll follow up on your quote request and get the ball rolling.

What are the art guidelines for custom printing?
Take a look at our art guideline faq. If you have additional questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Will you do an illustration or print job for free?
In short, no. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed (our dogs get pretty barky when they don’t get food on time).

I want to come visit you! Where are you located?
Currently, we do not allow visitors to the work shop. If there is a product that you like in the store but are unsure of the size or color you’d like let us know and we will work with you to find the right one. We are stocked in a few stores and we are in several shows a year – so chances are you can find us around town.

Will you teach me how to screen print?
From time to time, we teach the basics of screen printing. To see if we are currently offering a class, check the events page.